Magic Stamped Scarf

Magic Stamped Scarf

You can make this embossed scarf by either decorating a store bought scarf or using some Cotton/Silk or Rayon velvet to make your own.

What you need

Butterfly rubber craft stamp
18 inch x 60 inch (45cm x 152cm)of Velvet
Water spray bottle


You will make your own scarf by sewing a 1/2 inch(2 cm) hem around the 18 inch x 60 inch (45 cm x 152 cm)piece of velvet.

You can also use velvet tops, books and bags to make these fun embossing shapes.

Place the stamp rubber side up and place the velvet down onto the stamp with the velvet side facing the rubber, the back of the fabric will be facing you.

Butterfly Stamp

Heat your iron to high or the wool setting.

Once you have the fabric in the correct position lightly mist the back of the fabric with your water spray bottle.


Then using the iron press the iron onto the stamp and press firmly for about 15 seconds. Depending on your fabric it might take a little longer.


You can always try a test piece if you have some scraps left over from making your scarf, otherwise just take a peep.

Allow it to cool then move the fabric over to another section ready for another embossed shaped. And repeat the process until you are happy with the design.

We placed butterflies all over our scarf at random places and angles.

You can use any large craft stamp for this project, just find one you love and emboss away!!

What you need

Fabric Scarf
pair of dangle earrings
assorted beads
Jewelry wire
Embroidery thread


This projects shows you how to up-cycle a plain store bought scarf into a statement piece that looks like a necklace.

You can use a store bought scarf or if you want you can use a length of fabric that you have hemmed to create a thin scarf suitable for this project.

Start by taking your dangle earrings and attaching a length of wire to them, you will need to remove the ear hook and just use the loop. Once your wire is attached, thread your coordinating beads onto the wire lengths in your desired style.

Next take your scarf and tie a knot at either end. Then thread your wire into the knot, depeding on your scarf you should be able to push the wire through the scarf fabric to make it very secure. Bring the wire end back down and twist back onto itself to create a tight secure hold.

Using embroidery thread cover up the twisted wire top and secure with knots.

You need to do this for both sides.




  1. what setting do you put the iron on?

  2. I done this craft in 1999 It is so cool I made a velvet red shirt for my grandma

  3. I would think the heat would melt the stamp..

  4. This is what Mary O’Neil has demonstrated for years on the Carol Duvall Show. One thing she emphasizes is that the fabric should be a polyester and to be sure to move the iron around so the holes on the sole plate don’t leave an impression.

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