Sparkling Snowflake Ornaments

Sparkling Snowflake Ornaments

Add some sparkle to your decorations this year with these DIY snowflake ornaments.

What you need

Stencil Paste
Raised Stencil
Putty Knife
Extreme Glitter
Blank Stencil Sheets



Tape the raised stencil down to the frosted mylar and add a dollop of Stencil Paste.

Slowly press the stencil paste in to the raised stencil.


Remove all but the top piece of tape on the stencil. Slowly lift the stencil straight up, careful not to smudge the wet stencil paste.



Once the Stencil Paste is dry it can be painted with acrylics or Extreme Glitter.


Sparkling Snowflake ornaments take on an added glow when backlit from Christmas tree lights.

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