Love Wand – Quick Valentine’s Day Craft

Love Wand – Quick Valentine’s Day Craft

These magic love wands will make an ideal Valentine's day craft for the young ones. They are quick to make and can be as simple or as advanced as the age group making them.

What you need

Paddle Pop Sticks
or Tongue Depressors
Felt or Card hearts
Craft glue


You can embellish them further with glitter or beads as you are only limited by your imagination and supplies.

You can paint your stick or color it in with markers.

Take the heart shape and adhere it to one end of the stick.

Then glue another heart on the other side of that heart for a nice finish.

All done!


  1. thats really cool!!!!!!!!!! I love the LoveWand!!!!!

  2. cute for a really young child

  3. wow this is a cute little wand i’ll have to make it for my cousin’s 9th birthday thankyu.


  5. i like how it’s simple and easy to make

  6. This is a cute idea for little kids.

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