Lolly Tree – Cadbury Wrapped Chocolates

Lolly Tree – Cadbury Wrapped Chocolates

This quick Christmas craft project is very easy and is a great gift. You can make them large or small depending on the family size.

What you need

Card board
Mini size wrapped chocolates
Pins or Hot Glue Gun
Star or Ribbon bow for topper


You can use mini sized Cadbury chocolate bars, snack pack or other small bars.

Using some cardboard cut out a cone shape and stick the cone together using glue, staples or sticky tape. If you have a polystyrene cone then you are ready to begin.

Take your wrapped mini chocolate bar and start at the bottom.

Either pin the packet or place a small dab of hot melt onto the cone.

If you are using hot melt then place the bead of hot melt glue only on the wrapper end or the packet will not pull away later.

Place the first row so that the end of the packet is flush with the bottom of the cone. This will allow the cone to sit flat on a table.

Start on the next layer resting the bottom of the wrapper on the top of the row below as to hide the pins or glue marks.

Keep doing this until you get to the top. Then finish it off with a little decoration.

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  1. Amazing going to make them as gifts for my kids teachers, this coming Christmas.

  2. Made one of these for an early christmas party. Everyone loved it 🙂
    Thanks heaps for the idea

  3. cool

  4. Trust me, I live in the uk and those chocolates (mars, twix, maltesers etc) they’re ALL made by Mars, both in the uk and in the rest of europe!

  5. I plan to make several of these for each dept in the office & individual smaller ones for my few direct co-workers! I will use themes like Peanut Butter candy, chocolate candy, sugar only (non-chocolate) candy, etc. I could also make small ones for the dogs in the family, cute! 😉

  6. Regarding the candy manufacturer, the candy used above, the maker would be cadbury, in the United Kingdom.

  7. Uhm… I hate to be picky, but the chocolates on this project are manufactured by Mars, not Cadburys. It’s fab idea though, especially for choco-holics like myself!

  8. this is a mad idea of a looly tree

  9. all rightie

  10. What a fantastic idea!

  11. that is a brill idea!

  12. great idea, i love it

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