Little Girls Box

Little Girls Box

A very cute little project that can be used for storing ribbons to money to everything in between.

What you need

Round Box or Tin
Doll Hair
Wobble Eyes


This project can be made in any size to suit your round box. You can use a paper mache box, a biscuit tin or basically anything else that ends up round.

Start by painting your tin or box with a flesh color. If your tin is really dark give it a few coats with a white paint to stop the print showing through.

If you are using a tin you could even speed up the application by using spray paints, but make sure you can get a flesh color.

Otherwise craft paints work just fine.

Paint the whole tin in a flesh color and allow to dry, then glue on the eyes with craft glue or hot glue.

This face was embellished with little freckles using a marker pen and the mouth was also drawn on using a marker pen.

The doll hair was simply glued to the rim of the lid and ribbons were added.

For extra durability you could varnish the project once complete, it really depends on how you intend to use the box.


  1. great

  2. I thought this is cute!

  3. lolololololololol Little Girls Box

  4. Really nice hehe great for me I am 12 LOL <3

  5. Craft Freak says

    My little sister might like this i think i will try it(although i have to get all the stuff) 😀

  6. great idea i never would have thought of something like this

  7. a cute one!!

  8. genieeguid says

    very nice project

  9. Very cute!!

  10. very sweet. It’s handy to use those xmas choc tins for storing belts too. Just roll them up and arrange them inside. the tin lid looks good decoupaged as well.Careful with rim as it wont close if paper exceeds this

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