Liquid Glitter Recipe

Liquid Glitter Recipe

This liquid glitter is ideal for many crafts including kids painting, body art, paper crafts and much much more.

What you need

Fine grade glitter
1/4 tsp of glycerin
Storage bottle
Drop of water


For those of you who don’t know you can get glycerin from your local pharmacy store.

Mix the ingredients together then store in a bottle or jar.

When ready to use, just paint it onto the project with a paint brush or sponge brush.

Alternatively you could put this mix into a spray bottle for a spray on glitter.


  1. Thanxxx a great project but too make body glitter get an container and add some craft glitter and aloe vera mix up and soon you’ll be sparkling in no time ha ha i do alot of crafts ! find me at erry22

  2. What a great inexpansive way to decorate anything. Great for the young ones and so easy to clean up!

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