Starlight Pumpkin Carving

Starlight Pumpkin Carving

Carve beautiful starlights into your pumpkin this year!

What you need

1 foam Pumpkin (9″ or bigger)
star cookie cutters (for different sizes of pattern)
1 box cutter or pumpkin knife
1 clear mini 10 string lights (optional)
a marker


Your pumpkin should be free of dust. Trace different shapes and sizes of stars (hearts) all over your pumpkin. I started on one side and worked my way around. Keep the pattern evenly spaced and sized.

Carefully cut along traced lines while trying not to push too hard.

For that “Starlight” look, I cutout a small circle on the bottom of my pumpkin and filling it with lights. BOOLA!

By Meikwai


  1. very nice and unusual

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