Lime Sherbet Soap

Lime Sherbet Soap

This soap recipe is refreshing and fruity - it will leave your bathroom smelling wonderful.

What you need

4 drops of lime essential oil
8 drops of vanilla essential oil
1 cup grated soap base
1/2 cup water
Green color


This recipe uses the Melt & Pour Soap Making Method.

Add the soap and water together and melt down in a double boiler method. Once your Melt and Pour Soap base is melted add the essential oils and stir through.

Then pour into your soap molds. This recipe makes 1 1/4 cups of soap mix. You can add as much or as little of the scent to suit your own smell.


  1. rose buchanan says

    I have never made soap. Since I am retired and have ra I wanted something that doesn’t stress my joints an hands. Thank you can’t wait to make my first. Can you microwave instead of a double broiler which I have never used??? And lemon also??? How to get that wonderful cucumber melon smell?? I love it.

  2. my mom loves lime sherbert!!! so do i!! i think this is a great idea.

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