Letter Cloth – C

Letter Cloth – C

Here is the pattern for knitting letter 'C'.

What you need

I use size 7 needles and 100% cotton yarn for almost all of my cloths – but you can substitute appropriate needle size and yarn for YOUR project


Cast on 35 stitches
1-4: knit across
5: k3, p29, k3
6: and all remaining even numbered rows; knit across
7-8: repeat rows 5 & 6
9: k3, p10, k10, p9, k3
11: k3, p8, k14, p7, k3
13: k3, p7, k16, p6, k3
15: k3, p7, k17, p5, k3
17: k3, p6, k6, p6, k6, p5, k3
19: k3, p6, k5, p8, k5, p5, k3
21: k3, p5, k6, p9, k4, p5, k3
23: k3, p5, k5, p19, k3
25, 27, 29, 31, 33, & 35: repeat row #23
37: k3, p6, k5, p7, k4, p7, k3
39: k3, p6, k6, p6, k4, p7, k3
41: k3, p7, k15, p7, k3
43: k3, p8, k14, p7, k3
45: k3, p9, k13, p7, k3
47: k3, p10, k7, p2, k3, p7, k3
49-52: repeat rows 5 & 6
53-55: knit across

bind off

Patterns for Letters L-Z can be found at Knitting Knonsense

This project was contributed by Rhonda from Knitting Knonsense
For more of Rhonda’s Wonderful designs visit her website. This pattern is Copyrighted 7/12/05 by Rhonda K.White


  1. Sorry for the post for this project. It was another project that the two rows didn’t match the number of stitches. My mistake.

  2. On row 37 and 39 it does not equal to 35 stitches. Should it be k16 and k16 on those two rows

    • Wrong project. This one is the correct number of stitches. It was another project that had incorrect number of stitches on those two rows. My mistake

  3. hi im 12 and im making a knitted pillow for my sis for christmas i did it pink with size 6 1/2 needles i enjoyed this project

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