Leather Flower Pin

Leather Flower Pin

This soft leather flower pin makes a wonderful brooch or scarf pin.

What you need

Soft leather
Brooch back
Craft glue
Sewing machine (optional)
Sharp scissors
Seed beads
Jewelry Wire


Take your leather and cut out a 5 petal flower.

Use your sewing machine with matching thread and sew around all the edges (this is optional).

Use your scissors or a hole punch to punch a hole into the middle of the flower.

Take your jewelry wire and cut 5-10 3 inch lengths.

Thread the seed beads onto each length and push through the center hole in the flower.

Bend the wires securely at the back of the flower.

Cover the wires with a small piece of felt or scrap leather.

Glue on your brooch back or pin.

Leather Flower Pin Back

Leather Flower Pin Back


  1. very cute

  2. you didn’t explain how to curl the petals.

  3. very cute

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