Lean Cuisine Box Bag

Lean Cuisine Box Bag

This project uses recycled Lean Cuisine boxes to make a fun sandwich carrier. Hide your unhealthy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in this cool to be slim carrier.

What you need

Lean cuisine box
Glitter glue
Star brads
Cord for handles
hole punch
Velcro dot


You could even use this nifty carrier for a fun gift bag filled with chocolates and other naughty food.

Take your lean cuisine box and cut off the flaps at one end so you have an open bag. Fold the sides in as to form a gusset.

Take a hole punch and create the holes for the handles. Thread the cord through to create the handles and tie a knot on the inside to stop it going through the hole.

I finished off the holes by pushing through a star brad. Embellish the box with glitter or beads.

The picture does not quite catch it but the writing has been embellished with glitter and so have the carbohydrate filled potatoes on the picture.

I finished off the bag with a ribbon and wax seal and some Velcro to keep my sandwich tucked away inside. Loads of fun and a great conversation starter!


  1. To carry a sandwich and/or a candy bar or other lunch item in, it’s absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. Sorry, but this is just about the ugliest purse I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t pay me to carry it.

  3. theartisticpixie says

    This is Aweful
    But if you were to say cover it with fabric or something it might be cute.

  4. Sorry, but this is gross and ugly on so many levels. :[

  5. This is awwwweeesssommmeee!!!!! Totally have to make this just to get looks from others!

  6. I see some people ask WHY-another “why carry around garbage?”- gee, so we have a planet to leave to our kids……….???? what ever will you all do when you discover you are NOT the reason this planet exists????

  7. this is so weird (sorry)

  8. If I could give this 0 stars, I would.

  9. I love it!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhhaaaaahahahahahaha

  11. That is SOooo Ugly

  12. wow this is the strangest looking craft…. but its not as bad as the bra purse!!!! lol

  13. i think it’s kinda cute.

  14. I have no idea what these other people are talking about but I love it. I’m the weird one of the family and amongst my friends but I don’t think it’s weird. I would add some things to it though to make it less bland. 5 Stars to you my friend!!

  15. Why?

  16. seriously? carry around garbage?

  17. Are you kidding?

  18. no thanks

  19. Looks very generic and needs to be put to rest.

  20. hehe i’m not sure what to say about this… it’s sort of weird but as the saying goes, weird and wonderful.
    It’s funny, and if u made it ironic it’d b even funnier 🙂

  21. Why don’t just put in in the recycle bin if you really want to recycle???

  22. why would anyone want that

  23. Crafting for craftings sake. I don’t personally think this works.

  24. i guess, if you enjoy carrying your trash around with you.

  25. If the box was painted and if you could some how make it stronger, this would be even better

  26. So cute! Since it is waxed cardboard little food treats won’t make grease spots! Way to recycle!

  27. sounds like something a kindergartener would make! this is soooo.. so… so something that a word hasn’t even been invented for it yet. but whatever it is, and whenever it is invented, this is So it!

  28. cheezy!

  29. ridiculous and stupid

  30. raspberryjell-o says

    kinda creative…kinda tacky…

  31. Awesome idea as a way to carry sandwich lunches to work. Fantastic – thanks for posting.

  32. not strong, very stupid, but i guess good creativity…

  33. a.lantain says

    Um, all right.

  34. funn!! 🙂

  35. This is not going to last very long, it is made out of a cardboard box. But at least its saving th environment.

  36. Excellent idea as a way to wrap an edible gift like chocolate, toffee, cake,etc. Well done!! Very creative!

  37. A great bag to carry my Weight Watcher stuff in to meetings!

  38. tacky!

  39. Love it! Perfect for that gag gift!

  40. not very durable, i’m guessing…

  41. as if someone would want a bag like that!

  42. Crazy4Chocolate says

    The box is ugly, but I guess it would look okay if you covered it in wrapping paper or something.

  43. This is a fun idea to recycle the boxes.. Thanks for the free project

  44. I think thats awesome, very creative! I love how you’d use it as a gift bag for sweets! Great!

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