Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Decoration

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Decoration

This Thanksgiving tutorial shows you how to make a Pilgrims hat for a table decoration. You can flip it over and create a candy box also.

What you need

Paper mache Plant Pot
Black cardbpoard circle or black paper plate
White ribbon
craft glue
black paint.


Start by painting your pot black.

We used black cardboard for our base but you could save time by using a black paper plate. You can use the photo as a guide.

We glued white ribbon around the hat and attached a paper buckle and some cut out leaves.

This is a fun and quick project for kids. You can use them as table decorations or make mini ones for place settings.


  1. Janice M. Salotti says

    The idea is cute and seems very doable for children. There is an error consistently taught that the Pilgrims wore black, but this isn’t true. Pilgrims wore a variety of hues and were very colourful in their dress. The Puritans were the ones who chose the stark dress of black due to their desire to shun “worldly attire”. So I encourage everyone to enjoy the rich hues of autumn while dressing as Pilgrims.

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