Lacey Bolero Crochet Pattern

Lacey Bolero Crochet Pattern

A very pretty pattern to crochet a lacey bolero.

What you need

SKILL LEVEL: Easy (great for beginners!)

SIZE: Ladies Medium (12-14)
About 40 x 26 in. before sewing
Ladies Large (16 – 24)
About 44 x 30 in. before sewing

5 balls of Alpaca WL1 or 12 oz. (3, 4 oz. skeins) of Acrylic Yarn
Crochet Hook – Size H
Stitch Markers (safety pins work well)
Tapestry Needle (for sewing seams)
Tape Measure or Ruler

12 sc + 16 rows = 4 in. (10 cm). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE as you crochet rows. Try using a different size hook to adjust your gauge.

This pattern will easily stretch to fit a range of sizes. Stitches should be neat and yarn pliable enough for ease of movement.



Sc – single crochet
Ch – chain
Sts – stitches
SST – slip stitch
Dc – double crochet
Hdc – half double crochet


Ch 127 (Med) Ch 132 (Large)

Row 1: Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and in each stitch across to end. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2:* Dc in first Sc in row, Ch 1, Dc in next Sc.* Skip next Sc, and repeat from * across to end of row. Ch 3, turn.
Row 3: Work the following in the first Sc between Dc: Hdc, 3 Dc, Hdc. * repeat with next Ch sp between Dc across to end of row. Ch 1, turn.
Repeat alternately rows 2 -3 until piece measures (28”) for Medium and (32”) for Large.


Beginning at corner where you ended last row, Sc all 4 edges of piece going around twice (2 rows of Sc) to finish the edge. If you prefer a dressier finishing, try a creative scalloped edging. Crochet Pattern Central has wonderful free patterns to use.

Fold piece in half. Mark with a pin (or marker) from the top of the fold 7” (for either medium or large). Using your tapestry needle and matching yarn, whip stitch the side seams closed from the marker to the edge of the piece (bottom).

Make sure you weave in any loose ends. When sewing piece together, try not to pull the yarn as the stretching of yarn while sewing will not allow for even seams.

To wear: Holding fold at the top, reach to the one bottom edge and pull up gently. You will see a “jacket” formation. Slide arms in and adjust to your comfort. Roll collar slightly down or for a chillier day/evening you can roll it up in the back.

All done! Wash according to yarn instructions and you have a fabulous accessory for any occasion!

Project submitted by Sherri Marchman-Day.


  1. Esther Fetsko says

    I have been trying to crochet this pattern for a couple of days now, however it is for whatever reason it does not appear to look the same as the directions indicate according to the indicated picture. I think the pattern needs more clearity and definitely a bigger picture. this would be great for my mother in law to whom I want to make this for, but after days of crocheting and frogging I’m fraustrated on trying to get the same look! Is there a way anyone can figure this out! thanks

  2. need more photos. thanks

  3. Barbara Porell says

    I would never consider starting a project without seeing what it looks like first (not just a picture of one shoulder).

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