Kool-Aid Purse Hand Bag

Kool-Aid Purse Hand Bag

Kool-Aid drink to a handy purse/bag? Yes, with this simple tutorial!

What you need

Juice Wrappers
Belting material


First slit the bottom of your juice pouches and rinse out with warm soapy water.

You can let dry overnight or use a paper towel and dry them by hand. Now, take 2 pouches and sew them together using a zigzag stitch side by side overlapping the edges.

Do that again with 2 more pouches. These 2 panels are your front and back. Now, take 1 by itself and place it backside to backside of one of the 2 panels and stitch up the side starting from the top going down leaving about a 1/2 inch un-sewn at the bottom.

Open it up and this should now look like a corner, not overlapped like the 2 that is a panel for the front and back of the purse. Now connect the rest of them together adding another single side panel.

You now have 6 pouches sewn together, 2 in front, 2 in back and 1 on each side. Now, you will have to measure carefully and get 2 more pouches and figure out how wide your bottom is now that you have the top sewn.

Make sure to leave enough to sew and don’t just set the purse on the pouch and cut that way, the bottom will be sewn like the corners so you will need a tad extra.

Once you have cut the 2 pouches almost in half but to equal the bottom width sew them together in the middle overlapping them but make sure you over lap enough but have enough to go to the ends for sewing to the purse sides, front and back.

Now, this is the tricky part. Start with a long side and place bad side to bad side and make flat and sew all around the purse.

It will sort of pucker out b/c you are sewing on it making it flat. But, remember when I said not to go all the way down the sides when sewing, this allows for you to be able to fold up the bottom of the pouches to sew onto the bottom panel.

Now for handles I went to a local retail store or you can go to a fabric shop and buy nylon belt type material in the fabric dept. if they are out, you can go to the automotive dept and buy a strapping belt made of the same stuff and I think it is actually cheaper too.

Now, I duct taped it down on the inside of the purse once I figured out the length and then stitched it down at the top. Your fabric lining will cover the duct tape. Of course you do not have to have a lining and can stitch down the nylon handle to the purse and the purse is finished.
Your purse is complete.

Tip: If you can’t wait to make the purse because your juice pouches aren’t empty you can slit the bottom of the pouches and pour them in a pitcher for later.

This project was contributed by Angelique Bazell


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  2. whoooo

  3. If you wanted to use comics, you can probably use clear packing tape…

  4. i loove it!
    I wanna make a lot of stuff from juice pouches!

  5. I’m interested in making a purse similar to this Kool-Aid one but I want to use comics instead. What kind of plastic covering can I put over the comic purse to protect the it from getting wet or torn?

  6. awesome! i used to see these everywhere and i wanted one so bad. as soon as these come back in style, i have got to make one! 😉

  7. carolinacrafter says

    I glad to see someone else likes to make these too. I use ribbon and plastic tubing to aquarium pumps as handles. Sometimes I fill the with beads or glue water and glitter. The plastic tubing is cheap and you get 6 or 7 foot for $2.00 or so.

  8. Can we make the handels out of the kool aid pouches to?

  9. This sounds soooo much fun!!!! I already started one only it is a lot bigger!!! 😛

  10. This soubd soooo much fun I already started one!!! 😛

  11. It was always sticky and was out of fasion

  12. i like it i made 500.00 dollars off of selling them at my school!!!!:)

  13. this is awesome i always wanted one just like it

  14. i can’t wait to try this out i looks like so much fun im having my brother drink all the juice for me so it goes quicker

  15. it need matching pictures and a little detail.


  17. I have one of these bags. I have had it for 4 years. I love them now I am making my own 🙂 http://www.mormonchic.com/crafty/juice-pouch-purse.asp Shows you step by step instructions with pictures..

  18. maybe if they had some pictures showing you how to do it would be better.

  19. Confusing way of wording it… but this is really cool. I love making recycled bags and stuff! :]

  20. you can wash the juice packs with soap nd water and dry them in the dryer for 2o minutes to get them good and dry

  21. Take your pouches, cut them in half lenghwise, sew end to end. Then, fold again, and sew to hold together, WALA A handle too!! Repeat for other side, and attach. I use mine every week for shampoo, etc. for after fitness class. VERY STURDY!

  22. those kool-aid purses are soooo cooooooool! i just tried making one and it is actually very sturdy it’s so wonderful that you would post this to share with everybody thank you so much!

  23. They are very stury. The one thing I do different is fold the bags in half length way and sew it together, string four or five together and make a longer strap. Much larger versions make great beach bags or coolers for a few drinks!

  24. Cute idea, also for handles, I have used Kool AId singles tubes. Just sew ’em together. Great purse!! And SO fun!

  25. sorry i just noticed somebody else already came up with the alternative strap idea. Kudos to u!

  26. guest, try cutting strips of Kool-Aid pouches and sewing them together to make a different style and sturdy handle.

  27. what kind of thread did you use to sew it?

  28. i love this purse i made my own with no directions and it broke but with these it didnt

  29. I have actually a large foil bag a lady had & was so impressed I asked about it..adorable…

  30. For those looking for an alternative strap – cut a strip from the juice pouch material and use that. You can do two shorter handles or sew/glue two strips together to get a longer strap.

  31. It would have been nice to have step by step pictures with the directions.

  32. I loved doing it

  33. The drink bags are practically indestructible. That’s why it’s important to recycle them – they would stay in a landfill for a thousand years. The bags are very sturdy. I bought mine from a charity site months ago & use it daily. You visualized wrong.

  34. i have seen girls with those all the time. If only I knew how to make one for a friend for there birthday. Can you tell me how to do a coca cola one? That would be the coolest. or Maybe a coca cola wallet???

  35. these purses were origanly used as away to make money for street orphans in 3rd wrld cntrys, not to make a buck they, hold up very well , please consider sending to you’re favorite charity in place of purchacing the original

  36. lov it

  37. I suppose if you’re worried about it falling apart or puckering or you can’t sew you could use duct tape. It holds anything!! also, for the handle, why not buy some cording or use a beaded necklace you don’t wear anymore!! Thanx for the pattern – KUDOS!!!

  38. i want to make one of these! but, i dont; like the handle you used. hmm =/

  39. that’s cool i love those bags that are mad from drink juices!! i think i’m gonna go make one cause there just so AWESOME lol!

  40. ive been looking for this everywhere!thanx!

  41. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    If you have not made these purses then how do you know how long they will last? Can we please make sure comments are fair to contributors who have taken the time to make/create and test these wonderful projects for members to use free of charge.

  42. all that sewing will perferate the foil/plastic kool-aid pouches. I visualize this bags lifespan as, 2 minutes past completion..sorry.

  43. Ive seen these purses before.Im gonna add this to my uniqe purse pile.. Im actually planning to make one in every color.. I would just rather use somthing else as straps for the purse but I cant think of anything quite sturdy enough.LOL.

  44. That is so HELPFUL!!! Thank you im glad someone out there is trying to help by sharing and not to make a buck =]

  45. So you don’t have to sew you can use aquarium sealant on the seams!!!

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