Knitted Mrs Easter Bunny

Knitted Mrs Easter Bunny

This knitted easter pattern shows you how to knit an adorable little Easter Bunny that is dressed in her Easter Sunday clothes and all ready for an Easter feast.

What you need

Double Worsted (8plY) wool Brown,tan,white,black,green,orange
Size 6 US (4mm) knitting needles
Toy wadding, filling
darning needle


Leg and foot, make 2

Cast on 19 sts using brown wool
P1 row
k1 , k twice into next 17sts k1, (36sts)
st-st 9 rows
k 10 (k2 tog) 8 times, k 10 (28sts)
p1 row
k8,(k2 tog) 6 times, k8 (22sts)
st-st 38 rows
k3 (k2 tog) 3 times, k4 (k2 tog) 3 times , k3 (16sts)
Cast off.
This completes the leg and foot.
Make up of legs
stitch up the two sides, this will be the back seam. Turn to right side and fill with toy wadding/stuffing and stich up the cast off stitches.
set aside.

Body and Head

Cast on 34 sts in brown
St-st 2 rows
k8, (k twice into next st) repeat once more.
(k twice into next st) k 12, (k twice into next st, 3 times) k 8 (40sts)
st-st 22 rows
Shape sides
k7 (k2 tog) 4 times, k 10 (k2 tog) 4 times, k7 (32)
st-st 5 rows
Shape neck
(k2,k2 tog,) to the end.
p1 row
k2, k twice into next 20 sts, k2
st-st 25 rows
Shape top of head.
Every alternate row purl.
(k2, k2 tog) to the end
(k1, k2 tog) to the end
(k2, k2 tog) to the end
Thread yarn through stitches and fasten off.
Make up of head and body.
Sew down the side seam as far as the waist, then sew across the bottom and up the side seam, but leave a gap
for the filling/wadding.  Thread yarn around nexck and gather slightly.
Sew you body up ready to fill.
Cast on 48 sts in cream or tan.
p1 row
k 10, (k2 tog) twice, k 20 (k2 tog) twice, k 10
p 1 row
k 9 (k2 tog) twice, k 18 (k2 tog) twice, k9
p 1 row
k 8 , (k2 tog) twice, k 16, (k2 tog) twice, k8
continue in this sequence until you have 20 sts left.
Thread yarn through the stitches and fasten off.
Make up nos
Stitch up the edges, then fasten off, now draw up the cast on stitches , it is now readt to sew to the head.

Ears, main color (make 2)

Cast on 10 sts using body color
k into the back of every stitch.
p 1 row
k twice into evert st (20sts)
st-st 12 rowds
k 2 tog at the ebgining and end of the next and every alternate row, until you have 1 st left.o
thread yarn through st and secure.
Inner Ear using nose color make 2
Cast on 8 sts
k into the back of every st
(k1, k twice into the next st) to the end. (12sts)
st-st 2 rows
k twice the first and last st on this row and every alternate row p
p 1 row
st-st 20 rows
k 2 tog at end of the next and every 4th row until you have 2 sts left.
k2 tog.
thread yarn though st and fasten off.
Make up
on the wrong side, sew the outer ear to the inner ear. Do not fill.
Sew across the cast on sts. Your ears are now ready to sew onto the head.
Pants (make 2 pieces) pink
cast on 24sts
k into the back of every st.
st-st 26 rows
k2 (yarn forward, k2 tog,k1) repeat to end. K1
p1 row
cast off
make up
stitch down the front seam and back seam. leave 2 rows above the ribbon line noe stitch together to make legs.

Dress White (make 2 pieces)

 Cast on 36sts in white
k2 rows
(k1, slip 1) to the end
p1 row
(k1, slip 1) to the end
p1 row
k 2 rows
 continue in st-st 12 rows
k2 tog, to the end (18sts)
garter st 6 rows
Dec 1st st at the begining of next row and every row until you have 12 sts remaining.
Cast off
Straps (make 2)
Cast on 3 sts
in garter st k 8 rows
cast off.
using 2 strands of wool color of your choice.
Cast on 12 sts
garter st 12 rows. cast off.
basket sides
cast on 40sts
garter st 8 rows cast off.
cast on 4 sts
garter st 36 rows
cast off.
Make up basket
Sew sides around the base and sew the handle into place.


Cast on 15 sts in orange
k into the back of evert st
p 1 row
(k1,k twice into the enxt st) to the end.
st-st 10 rows
k2 tog at each end of the next and every 4th row.
p1 row
continue until you have 2 sts remaining
cast off.
make up
stitch down the sides and fill with filling/wadding and gather up the cast on edges.
Leaves (make 3)
Cast on 10 sts in green
k1 row
p1 row
(k1, k twice into next st) to the end.
Cast off.
fold in half so the cast on sts become the centre vein of the elafe and the cast off
sts are the outer edge.
complete all 3 and sew into place on the carrot.
Arms (Make 2)
Cast on (10sts)
Row 1, P 1 Row
Row 2, K twice into every st (20sts)
st-st 9 Rows
Row 12, K 2 tog, K to last 2 sts, K 2 Tog
Row 13, P 1 Row
Row 14, K 2 tog, K to last 2 sts, K 2 Tog
Row 15, P 1 Row
Continue in st-st until work measures 7″ (17cms)
Now decrease at each end of the next and every alternate row and P ever alternate Row until 8 sts remain. Thread Yarn through sts and fasten off.


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