Lip Gloss – Candy

Lip Gloss – Candy

Combine vaseline and powdered candy to make this natural lip gloss instead of buying one from the stores.

What you need

2 tbs of Vaseline
1 tbs of powered candy


Using a double boiler melt down your Vaseline till it is runny and smooth.

You can also do this (carefully watching it ) in the microwave working it 10 seconds at a time till it is melted.

Stir in the powdered candy adding as much or as little as you would like for your desired taste.

Stir quickly or whisk to avoid lumps until it dissolves.

Pour into a lip balm pot or a small jar and allow to cool before use.

Ensure all containers are sterile by boiling them to prevent contamination of your lip gloss.


  1. this tasted and smelled really really good!!! the only problem was that it melts pretty quickly on a hot day!!! gross! is there somthing i can use to make it not melt? thx! also tgis is very easy and quick to make.


  3. these is very easy i’m going to use it for mii project

  4. margolunet says

    in any recipie that calls for beeswax u can use vasaline it works better! 🙂 btw u can get jojoba oil @ health food stores!

  5. Is crushed candy okay too?

  6. powdered candy = finely ground candy or pixie powder?

  7. can you use cocoa powder instead of powdered candy?

  8. were do yuo get candy powder from cos i have no idea!!!!!!!!

  9. it worked awsome!!!it was like the only lipgloss that didnt ask for beeswax!!!

  10. it was awsome and extremely easy to make!!! give it a try. it was ike the only lipgloss that didnt ask for beeswax!!!

  11. I tried with my dads coffee powder, it was like mocha or something but i stirred it and it didn’t melt so i waited for a few dys and it came out all gross but maybe I need to use something else then mocha so yeahh..Anywho bye

  12. This would be lovely except for the fact that I am exorbitantly allergic to petroleum/vaseline and petroleum-based products. On the other hand, it’s easy to make using natural white beeswax and sunflower oil.

  13. I used jello powder 4 the candy powder and it tasted really good but it was to grainy.

  14. I am scared. I used Hersheys chocolate powder and sugar because the candy canes were completely powder! (Peppermint would’ve been good!) Will it work?

  15. A hot day would melt any lip gloss (Blah!), but there are bags that you can buy for make-up that will keep it cool when you put something cold in them, or put the bag in the fridge until you go out (These babys work like a charm!)

  16. I tried this with petroleum jelly instead of vaseline ( i know it’s basically the same thing). itwas pretty good except that it melted on a hot day. i used pixi stix for the powdered candy.

  17. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    It is sherbet, or similar found in candy section in store.

  18. where can I get powdered candy?

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