Knitted Flower For Beanies

Knitted Flower For Beanies

This knitted flower is perfect for adding onto scarfs, beanies and other knitted clothing.

What you need

Using 2 strands of 8 ply Wool (double Knit or Light Worsted )

Size 10 US, 4 UK (6 mm) Needles


To make the flower – cast on 8 stitches

Knit into the back of every stitch

Purl 1 row

Knit twice into every stitch (16 stitches)

Purl 1 row

Attach another shade at this stage,(knit 1 Inc into next stitch) to the end.

Purl1 row

Knit twice into every stitch to the end.

Purl 1 row

(Knit 1 yarn round needle knit 2 together ) to the end this forms the picket edge

Purl 1 row

Knit 1 row

Purl 1 row

(knit 1 knit 2 together) to the end.

Purl 1 row

( knit 2 together) to the end

( purl 2 together) to the end.

Thread yarn through stitches and secure.

Fold your flower where the picket edge is and draw up secure.

Make 5 French knots in the center.

Now take a long length of thread and secure in the center of the

Wrap over the flower and come back through the center, do this 6 times, to create petals

Fasten off.

Leaf- cast on 17 stitches and stocking stitch 3 rows

Knit 1( knit 1 yarn round needle twice knit 2 together) to the end.

( purl 1 purl the first loop drop the second loop ) to the end

Stocking stitch 3 rows

Cast off.


  1. The instructions seem to leave out pertinent information!
    Starting at the point where we are told to attach another thread shade.


    I’m ready to toss this into the “No!”pile.

    Please fix this pattern .
    I’m sure lots of us would appreciate it.

  2. What does it mean when you say knit into the back of the stitch and what worsted mean? Please

  3. Carole Wheeler says

    Some of the instructions missing, because the 2 ends needed to be sewn up before the strands wrapped round to make petals. Personally. it took a lot of work but the end result was not that great. I don’t like the look of the strands wrapped around it.

  4. The flower sounded tons more complicated then the beanie! Directions were quite lengthy for flower!

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