Small Knitted Ball

Small Knitted Ball

This is a pattern for a small knitted ball and uses wool in 2 different colors.

What you need

3.00mm Needles
2 x 8 ply wool 25g ball in 2 different colors C1,C2
Craft Filling


Small Ball Pattern

Size: approx 3 1/2 inch

Cast on 20 sts in C1

1st row – Knit
** 2nd row – Sl 1, Knit to last st, turn
3rd and 4th rows- Sl 1, Knit to last 2 sts, turn
5th and 6th rows- Sl 1, Knit to last 3 sts, turn
continue working one st less at end of every row, until 8 sts remain unworked at each end.

Next row- Sl 1, Knit to last 9 sts, turn
Next row- Sl 1, Knit across all sts, picking up horizontal loop and knitting it together with next st at each turning point.

Next row- as previous row .**
Using C2, rep from ** to **
Continue working alternately 18 rows C1 and 18 rows C2 until 8 sections 4 each C1 and C2 in all have been worked.

Cast off in C2 , picking up horizontal loops as before.

Make up

Using a flat seam, join seams, leaving an opening for filling. Fill the ball firmly and close opening.


  1. Its been asked 2x, what is meant to pick up a horizontal loop? How is it done? I hope someone can reply with an explanation this 3x…

  2. Dont know what “horizontal” stitch means.

  3. sandrademarais says

    I will add these to my craft show projects for xmas 2015.

  4. sandrademarais says

    Have left over yarn from hats. Will add snowflake designs and make craft show project at no cost!

  5. Kim Smith says

    Very frustrated- can’t figure it out. I have been knitting a long time, but not sure what “picking up horizontal loop and knitting it together with next st at each turning point” means.

  6. Shannon Jensen says

    thankyou so much, im 14 and my friend and I love to knit. because its nearly Christmas I was planning on making small hats to fit on phones and I chose to do a Christmas hat for mine, I needed a little ball for the end and you have helped me make one, thankyou again 🙂

  7. what does c1/c2 stand for?

  8. Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

  9. How do you pick up a horizontal loop?

  10. I want to make a batch of these in white and have an indoor snowball fight!

  11. KnittingDragon says

    Love it. Just wish it were even smaller. 😛

    Oh, SL =Slip.= Slip one stitch purl wise is how I read and understood it.

  12. They never gave what Sl meant.

  13. Very easy and simple, they are quick and fun!

  14. wonderful!!
    this is a very cute pattern!!

  15. I’ve been looking for this pattern for 26 years! A friend made one for my daughter, which she LOVED as an infant. Now I can make more for granchildren. Thanks!!

  16. I made the small one and mixed catnip sweeties in with the stuffing. The cats just love it!

  17. They’re realy cool

  18. ooo..I have been looking for something like this for cat toys!

  19. I made these up over the weekend.. just lovely

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