Kitsch Poodle Door Stop

Kitsch Poodle Door Stop

This poodle reminds me of grannies house and is bound to be a conversation piece at your front door.

What you need

1 yard (1/2-1 mt) Velvet
1 yard (1mt) of Feather trimming
Wobble eyes
Satin ribbon
Toy fiber filling
Rocks or 1/2 brick
Beads for nose


This poodle is about 17 inch (45 cm’s) high but you can enlarge or decrease the pattern to your own requirements. The design is quite basic so you could even draw it freehand if you are feeling creative.

1: Using the pattern below cut 2 pieces of the body and 1 base from the velvet or your selected fabric.

Poodle Door Stop Pattern.

2: With the right sides together sew around the edges of the two body pieces leaving the bottom open to place in the base afterwards. Snip in any curves for a smoother finish.

3: Turn right side out.

4: Begin filling the nose as tightly as possible using small bit pieces at a time.

5: Fill down the body and place a heavy item into the body and pack around it with the filling. A 1/2 brick or even heavy stones work well.

6: Cut a piece of cardboard a 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric base and glue or stitch the fabric base over the cardboard (this is for a stable base).

7: Stitch the base onto the body.

8: Cut the feather trimming into 4 small pieces for the four leg puffs and 1 large piece for the ears and a longer puff for the tail. The sizes of your puffs will depend on the size you have made your poodle.

9: Secure these to the body with small stitches or craft glue. Glue on the eyes and the two beads for the nose.

10: Finish off your poodle with a ribbon around the neck and head.


  1. You should include step by step pictures because the instructions are kinda hard to understand…

  2. looks hard

  3. laura4562las says

    cute, cute, cute

  4. So cute! 🙂

  5. You should attribute this work to the original author of the vintage book you took the instructions and scan from.

  6. cute

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