Kids Strawberry Perfume

Kids Strawberry Perfume

Kids will love to make, and use this perfume. It smells of strawberries!

What you need

2 oz. Beeswax
3 oz. Shea Butter or Apricot Oil
4 oz. Olive Oil
up to 1 oz of Strawberry fragrance oil
Sprinkle of cosmetic grade glitter
Lip Balm containers or small Jars


If you can not get hold of shea butter, then substitute the 3 oz of Shea butter with 1 extra oz of beeswax and 2 oz of either a massage oil base like Apricot oil, or use Olive oil.

Start by melting the beeswax and shea butter down in a double boiler method.

Once the beeswax is melted add all the oils together including the scent and stir through a sprinkle of glitter. Now add the mixture to small lip balm pots or miniature jam jars.

This recipe makes 9 0z of solid perfume.


  1. sounds interesting can you teach us how to make strawberry lipgloss

  2. WE’RE NOT LITTLE PRINCESSES!!!!! WE’RE LIFE SIZE FAIRIES!!!!!!!!! (no joke dude)

  3. This recipe works great :)<3

  4. can you please give us a pic

  5. I LuV IT well actully my girlfriend dose but still she luvz it so i do and it smells gr8 i just want to eat her up… see her birthday is to day 25/01/2011 and i did knw it was her bday i mean how could i forget I LUV HER like the perfume.. any ways back 2 my story well she really loves strwbrrys and i search 4 strwbrry purfum and found this site and quickly made it @ 2 in the mornin And when she woke up i had also made breakfast 4 her in bed with the perfume and she LLOOVVEESS IT!!

  6. These are great little tips, I love them
    Thank you

  7. Friendship-Bracelet4Ever says


  8. hey people! this recipe works wonders on my smelly pits!!! BO=no mo

    -Smelly McPits

  9. pefume is a great way to smell luxious and pretty why not make your own like arometherapy or settle down on the couch make up your own like rocky road for kids or get an container add rose petal lemon grass and nature oh and water and you’ll smell like you have been in a tropical forest!

  10. hey i love the perfume it is really great

  11. can you make a liquid form or would that just be the fragrent oil on its own?

  12. I haven’t actually done it but it looks awsome, could you add coulouring to mae a lip gloss or something?

  13. cobaltpearl3 says

    my lil sis loves this recipe!

  14. it’s 2 hard to make for kids

  15. I have to try it

  16. I can’t wait to try it!

  17. cool love it! can’t wait to try and give my frend

  18. yummy

  19. AWSOME! :~>

  20. It was o.k.

  21. Cool 🙂

  22. smeled great!!!!

  23. It smells soooo good!! My daughter loved it!

  24. cool

  25. smelled great!!!!!

  26. Great idea! Much more gentle on a child’s skin than most store bought stuff, and just as fun.

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