Kids Play Ball

Kids Play Ball

This free knitting project shows you how to knit a striped ball.

What you need

Aran (12 ply) wool
Size 10 (6mm) needles


Cast on 8 sts

Knit twice into every sts (16sts)
Every alternate row is P
Row 3, (K1, inc into next st) to the end. (24sts)
Row 5, (K2, inc into next st) to the end. (32sts)
Row 7, (K3, inc into next st) to end. (40sts)
Continue in this way until there are (56sts)

Work 9 rows

Now begin to decrease.

( K5 , K2 tog to end) (48sts)
P1 Row
Continue in this way until 8 sts remain.

Cast Off.

Sew side seams together stuff and draw together each end.


  1. Heebiejeebies says

    Mine ended up looking a bit pear shaped… Literally!! 😀

  2. once i had finished the item (it only took me just under 2 hours to make and i’m a beginner) i knew straight away that my 3 month old daughter would love it.

  3. cherryberryloves says

    i dont get it but i will try anything!

  4. There may come a day when I fall in love with double pointed needles, but until then, I really appreciate projects written for two single pointed ones. I made a ball with just one color and with cheap red heart yarn on size 5 needles (as my smaller ones were holding other projects). It took less than an hour and turned out pretty cute. Thanks!

  5. hmmm i dont really understand how to sow it closed, it gets wierdly misshapen 🙁

  6. i wonder what row do you have to repeat

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