DIY Feather & Flowers Easter Wreath

DIY Feather & Flowers Easter Wreath

This floral wreath is stunningly beautiful and would make a wonderful wedding wreath for a backdrop or entrance or use it in springtime for Easter.

What you need


Large white feathers

Fake Roses

Fake Peonies

polystyrene wreath form



This wreath is so easy to make and is all about layers.  This wreath was created by Melissa L. Bohmer, thanks for sharing Melissa. Melissa used feathers from her birds but you can use fake or store-bought.

Begin by adding your large flowers to the backside of the wreath form. Secure with glue as you go.

Continue around until you have a thick feather backdrop for your flowers.


add the flowers to the wreath

Start with larger flowers and fill in with foilage and smaller buds, This wreath has some smaller feathers added on the front also.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!