Kids Memory Book

Kids Memory Book

Inside this book add your memories and photos, for a great reminder of each passing year. A great keepsake for kids!

What you need

1 8″ x 11 1/2″ Foam sheet
10 (or more)- 8″ x 11 1/2″ Scrapbook papers
1 8″ Craft wire (fun wire)
10 plastic beads
Hole punch


Using cutter, cut sheets of paper in four equal squares.

Cut foam sheet, making two squares the same size, just a little bigger then paper squares.

Put paper between foam and tap all together toward one end. Then use hole punch to put two holes in foam and paper, about 2″ apart.

Put wire throgh holes and add beads, then put wire through other hole and twist wire ends together.

Write on the front of your book, “Our family’s Christmas memory book” (or whatever the event).


  1. Well, first off, it has no picture so it’s hard to imagine the finished product. And it would help if the instructions featured pictures or a little more thorough directions.

  2. mhm. this is very stupid, I don’t want my child having to read this junk!

  3. pictures PLEASE!

  4. Good ideas! Thanks alot for sharing!! Am planning on using your concept.

  5. hi

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