Kids Hair De-tangler

Kids Hair De-tangler

This mix is light enough that you can leave in making brushing simple and easy for de-tangling your kids hair.

What you need

1/4 cup of hair conditioner
500ml clean spray bottle
2 cups of water

Looking for a herbal shampoo? Check out our DIY recipe for making your own natural herbal shampoo with basic supplies. We also have a herbal conditioner recipe too.  Home-made shampoos and conditioners are a great way to strip back to basics and control what herbs you are putting into your hair shampoo and products. Store-bought herbal shampoo contains lots of numbers and ingredients that as the consumer we know very little about.


Pour your 1/4 cup of hair conditioner (any brand) to the clean spray bottle.

Fill the remainder of the bottle with the water.

Shake before use and simply spray into your child’s tangled hair.


  1. Love it! I use it every day

  2. So cool, its sounds super easy to make and use, I will defintley try this!

  3. My hair is hard to detangle in the morning before school starts. I plan on trying this out, it sounds pretty simple! 🙂 But does it make your hair greasy too? I’ll rate it 3 stars for now since I haven’t used it yet. 😛 But it sounds great!!

  4. terrificrafts says

    It’s a great idea if you get a mini brush and a little squirt bottle and leave them in your car it would be like from tangled mess to perfect party time hair in seconds and in your car!

  5. Thank you so much just what I was looking for

  6. wow. thats very simple.

  7. WOW this is AMMAAAAZING! My hair gets tangled up I take this where ever I a small bottle & Im good to go!

  8. WingedKitty says

    Sorry, forgot to rate it. LOL

  9. WingedKitty says

    THANX! my hair is always tangled even how much i use the conditioner, a bottle or not. This idea rocks!


  10. Nice! Ill try!

  11. you can use either leave-in or the wash out kind. I do this at home for my hair and it works great!

  12. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    This states it is a leave in conditioner

  13. leave in hair conditioner or the wash away?

  14. it detangled my child’s hair with a few squirts!

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