Kids Craft Train Activity

Kids Craft Train Activity

This DIY kids craft shows you how to set up a paper shape activity for kids.

What you need

Colored Craft Papers
Glue Stick


Preparing the Shapes: (This process must be done by an adult)

Step (1)

You can use a ruler and pencil to draw customized shapes or you may also use the shape template.

Take a colored craft paper and place a shape cut out on it; simply trace around the sides of the shape


Step (2)

Now use a scissor to cut out the traced shape from the colored craft paper.

Step (3)

Cut out different sizes of square, triangle and circle’ also use lots of colors to make it more fun for the little ones!

Your work here is done! Now it’s time for the little ones to learn and get creative.

Step (4)

You can create a shape craft activity kit, the kit would include 3 supplies – colourful shape cut outs, glue stick and usual white papers (cut the papers into customized size if required).

Step (5)

The template includes a sample of a shape train; you may show them the sample or show them a real picture of a train and let them do the rest;

Step (6)

Meanwhile, teach them the names of the shapes and colors (in addition).

Make learning, fun and crafty!

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