Kids Craft – Craft Stick Rudolph Christmas Reindeer

Kids Craft – Craft Stick Rudolph Christmas Reindeer

This Christmas craft is so cute and easy to make, perfect for little hands of toddlers or for anyone who needs to make a lot of little gifts. These make cute bookmarks too.

What you need

Jumbo craft sticks

Colorful yarn

Red sequins

Markers, fine tip – black, brown fine tip

Brown cardstock


Glue stick


Begin by cutting 3 thin strips from the brown cardstock, about 1 ½” long. Leave 2 of the strips whole.

Cut the other strip in fourths.


Glue the 2 of the small pieces to one of the strips, and the other 2 small pieces to the other strip to make antlers. Glue the antlers to the back of a jumbo craft stick.

Draw simple closed eyes with a brown or black fine tip marker. Anything other than a super fine tip will bleed. You can also use a pen instead.

Glue the sequin in place for Rudolph’s red nose.

Now, cut a strand of yarn. Leave one end loose, with enough to tie in a knot, and begin wrapping the rest around the craft stick for Rudolph’s scarf.

Once finished, tie both ends together.

So quick and fun, it takes no time to make a sleigh full of reindeer with colorful scarves. They would make a really cute bookmark, too!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!