Jazzy Biro Pens

Jazzy Biro Pens

Make your own funky pens that are ideal for gift giving or for signing in at important occasions.

What you need

Flower Or Plastic Topper


Start by carefully spreading the craft glue over your pen.

Holding the ribbon firmly start at the nib of the pen (the writing end) and twist the ribbon up the pen making sure that no pen shows through.

Twist and pull the ribbon tight with each turn of the pen till the whole pen is wrapped in the ribbon. The ribbon should sit nice and flat against the pen. If your ribbon is bumpy unwind it and start again until you get a nice finish.

Add a little extra glue and secure the last of the ribbon to the top of the pen cutting off any left over ribbon.

We used a small plastic gold angel to top off our pen. We fixed it to the pen with a dab of craft glue. You can add anything to the top of your pen including a flower head, a small toy or even a cardboard cut out shape.

These make great gifts and are ideal for making signing in pens for guestbooks at parties.


  1. its good i tried it its great

  2. I was looking all over for a jazzy pen idea!

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