iPod Cozy Pattern

iPod Cozy Pattern

There are so many cosies out there but we decided to add a basic iPod cosy pattern to get you started. It is perfect for a beginner.

What you need

8 ply Wool or Double Weighted Yarn
Size 11 (8.00 mm)


Make 2 Cast on 24 stitches.

K1, P1 Right Side P1, K1 wrong side.

Keep knitting in this sequence until work measures 4 1/2 inches and cast off.

How to make up.

Sew up the sides and then sew across the bottom with yarn.


  1. Great easy pattern! cant believe i didn’t think to do this before! i picked out some cotton fabric and stitched it into the pouch to line it to make sure my ipod didnt get scratched by the wool at all! but this pattern gave me the idea!

  2. greta pattern…one question. i want to make one with eyelash yarn…….but where would it get stuck in the ipod? (four stars for no carrying strap)

  3. i made one of these and its so awsome!!!!

  4. when i made this i saw the pattern could be altered. i made this cozy in st st or it could be made in garter stitch.

  5. I did this several months back when it started to get cold out and I loved it for my iPod!!

  6. This gives me something to make for my ipod so i won’t loose it as easily. you can also add on a strap to carry it around. Also it isn’t boring like the store bought ones. thanks

  7. i don think they are very protective looking and there ugly

  8. Would someone like to update this to reflect a handle for carrying?

  9. Sweet! If i cast 35 instead of 24, do you think it would fit an iPod clissic 80gig? thank!

  10. very crafty. im gonna try this on my ipod nano 4gb.

  11. will this fit the new ipod nano? i hate all the ones in the store. they’re all plain. haven’t knitted it yet but it seems cute.

  12. raspberryjell-o says

    hmmm…creative! alternative to store-bought socks!

  13. i have a pink nano and could so totally make a matching pink cover! Great idea thanks.

  14. I made one of these for my friend with really cute yarn, though I added a little strap which is very nice.

  15. cute

  16. This is great for beginners! :]

  17. This is great for beginners! :]

  18. I love this idea!I am going to make it in multied colored yarn

  19. This is a cool idea and it cost atleast half the price of a store bought one! 😉

  20. Iwas searching and searching and found lots of sites but this one was by far the most helpfull

  21. this is great for ipods

  22. i think itz common thing ..we can buy it from shop …easily

  23. ehhh its not my favorite craft. i would rather buy them. but rating this based on skill, i’d give it a 5.

  24. kool =)

  25. Help! What is 8 ply wool? Would I be correct using Size 8 needles? Size 11 seems too big. Please help, can’t wait to get started. Thanks.

  26. 🙂

  27. It rocked it was sooooo easy to make and works great AND I didnt get yarn stuck in my ipod (WEIRD)!!!!

  28. this craft is off da hook, its the bomb.

  29. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    well.if u were using a really fuzzy yarn like eyelash,then the yarn COULD get into the Ipod,but other than that i dont know..love it super cool idea,but the one i made,i made into one big piece so it was faster..love it love josie

  30. How can the yarn go into your Ipod? that doesnt make sense, mine works fine and no yarn in ipod issues.

  31. I made an ipod case looks similar to this long time ago but the thing is, the yarn can go into the ipod. So I think it is a wonderful idea but if you truly care about your ipod, you might prefer buying one even though it is rediculously expensive

  32. Excellent!! This can be used for many more items than Ipod. Cell phone, lg perfume bottles, weave a string etc. through top, it becomes carry case for many items when travelling.Marie Rose

  33. Wow, these are soooo easy to make.. and so much cheaper than buying one..

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