iPad Case – Recycled Books

iPad Case – Recycled Books

Here is how you can make a super easy iPad case from an old book!

What you need

Book, a little bigger than your iPad on all sides (it’s a good idea to get more than one, in case there’s an accident)
Fabric, I used cotton
Mat board or some other kind of stiff craft board
Craft knife


First, get your books! I bought two from a secondhand bookstore for cheap.

Next, pick out fabric for the inside of the case. Iron the fabric if you need to.

Then, cut the pages from the cover and spine. Be very careful on this part! I ended up cutting a hole in the spine of one of my books, so take your time! Good thing I bought two books.

Next, cut your craft board to fit the inside of the covers. Then, cut the fabric a little bigger than the boards and glue the fabric to the boards.

Then, cut a strip of fabric to cover the spine and glue in place.

Cut four pieces of elastic, and glue onto the corners of one of the boards. I used my iPad to measure where the elastic should be placed.

Lastly, glue the boards onto the inside covers of the book. Place some heavy books on top and let sit for about an hour or until the glue dries.

Ta-da! Now you have an awesome handmade iPad case! Perfect to keep or to give as a gift!


  1. I definitely like this project. Thanks for submitting it.

  2. This is awesome!!

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