Indian Head Gear

Indian Head Gear

Get the kids involved in creating this fun Indian head-gear.

What you need



Cut the cardboard into strips about 4 cm wide and long enough to go around each child’s head.

Let the children glue on scraps of paper and beads for decoration. You can cut out some oval shapes out of colored paper and fringe down each side to make paper feathers.

Real feathers can be bought bulk from craft supply stores for just a few dollars.

Once the glue has dried measure it around each child’s head and staple it securely.


  1. I too find it offensive. Why make ceremonial regalia into something that is cartoonish and teaches children that our culture is either no longer around or is a joke. I can guarantee that no one is telling these kids (while making these ridiculous head coverings) that native americans were nearly wiped out and that it is only relatively recently that we are reviving our culture.

  2. zero stars… get real. This is so stupid. Learn how to respect our people.

  3. it’s not meant to offend everyone. the more schooling you go through, the more you learn about Native American culture and we KNOW Native Americans didn’t all look like that. Yes, I said ALL…there WERE more tribes back then than the few tribes that are thankfully still around today. It’s not meant to poke fun at sacred rituals or attire. It was something we did as we were slowly being taught the history of the Native Americans. It’s hard for a 4 year old to understand everything that happened. It’s hard for a 4 year old to make a double trailer war bonnet. But when you’re being taught the history lesson about how each feather was collected, how every beautiful bead was hand made to make such a beautiful piece, it made me feel special when I got to pick out what color of feather I wanted when I made mine at that age. Can you remember what your imagination was like back then? It may have been 1 feather, glue and paper sack for the head band; but it meant a lot more and with imagination, WAS a lot more than that. I hope you understand.

  4. If it is not how native american’s dressed you have no reason to find it offensive. What’s more, this is a way to teach a young child about culture and history and it is through learning that ignorance and thus prejudice can be stamped out. Yes, this is only the example of how the headdress could be made, but it is up to the person making the headdress with the child to give him/her information.

  5. no matter how much we stress that it is offensive the western society will still have their views and opinions of first nations people….
    but thats ok, its their kids that will be running around with these “head dresses” on looking like idiots!

  6. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    This project is for use as an educational tool, You can not expect a child to create a realistic head piece. I think the importance of education is being overlooked here the children as still learning about Native Americans.

  7. This is very offensive to Native Americans. Our feathers are something considered sacred. Using something like this is akin to swinging a rosary your head and running through the house while playing tag. Most people would be offended by that and that’s why we are offended by something like this. Please don’t tell us we are being overly sensitive or that you “think” it is okay…it is not.

  8. It says its for pre-schoolers… I personally think it’s a good project for a preschooler.

  9. I also find this offensive becasue I am native american and this looks foolish & i hate it when stupid shit like this is posted about us because it THIS IS NOT HOW WE EVEN LOOKED!! our culture & beliefs are sacred they do not need to be made fun out of!!

  10. Oh my goodness…its for kids to do!! why do you find it offensive!!

  11. I find this offensive to Native American heritage and culture. It does not include the teachings or the significance of the design elements or the materials used.

  12. ITS to much for kids middle schoolers need something more mature please

  13. I like it

  14. need more paper crafts

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