How to paint a Coffee Mug

How to paint a Coffee Mug

Create your own Autumn inspired coffee mug that is dishwasher safe! There are step by step instructions to creating an artwork for your next painting class!

What you need

White ceramic mug, DecoArt Glass Marker, Pebeo 150 Glass Marker, Oven


1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need glass marker for this project, both DecoArt and Pebeo makes these. Start by wiping off your mug with a rag, making sure there is no dust on it.

fall birch tree mug (2)

2. To draw an autumn tree, draw 2 vertical lines about .5″ apart, with a cap in one of them.

fall birch tree mug (3)

3. Draw a branch out from the gap in your tree.

fall birch tree mug (4)

4. Now you’ll want to add in the “bark”. Draw small horizontal lines along your tree, making them slightly curved and not perfect.

fall birch tree mug (5)

5. Take and orange or red glass marker and draw little leaves around your tree branch.

fall birch tree mug (6)

6. You can also having them falling out of the tree.

fall birch tree mug (7)

7. Bake the mug according to the temperatures and instructions on your markers. Let it cool completely.


  1. I learn something new each day. I now know what to make for my Knitting Retreat Friends.

  2. truly awesome, great specialized gift idea. Will make this for my grandchildren. Thanks

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