How To Make A Boxwood Door Wreath

How To Make A Boxwood Door Wreath

This tutorial shows you how to make a boxwood wreath for $10 using basic craft supplies and items from the Dollar Tree Store.

What you need


14-inch wire wreath form (mine was from Dollar Tree)

Burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree)

Black and white check ribbon also available at Dollar Tree

8 Boxwood picks (Walmart $.98 each)

Zip ties (Mine were from dollar tree)

Hot Glue Gun

Wire Cutters


Using the wire cutters, start by cutting the stems of the boxwood. You want to leave a few inches of the stem so you have enough to be secured by the zipties


Take 2 of the stem pieces of zip tie them to the center of the wreath form. Fan the stems out a bit so that the boxwood covers the other wreath rings. Repeat this process around the entire wreath. Add pieces to fill in if you feel like there are open spaces. In a few spaces I zip tied the stems to the inner or outer ring of the wreath form.


With the burlap ribbon. Take a 6 inch pieces and wrap it around itself 3 full times. Next cut a piece that is 10 inches long. Fold that pieces in the middle and place it on the backside of the folded burlap ribbon piece. (The backside would be the side with the ending piece you cut). Secure all of this with a zip tie in the center.

Cut a piece of the black and white checkered ribbon about 5 inches long and use it to cover the zip tie in the middle of the bow and tie it in the back. Slide a zip tie through the black and white ribbon in the back and use that to secure it to the wreath form.


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