How to make a balloon elephant

How to make a balloon elephant

This Balloon Elephant makes a cute artwork or handmade card.

What you need

Colored craft paper
Craft glue
Googly eyes


Select a colored craft paper and cut out a heart shape from it, except for the bottom end of the heart pattern doesn’t need to be pointy; or you can simply cut out 2 heart shapes because the bottom ends of both hearts would overlap and will be covered with the balloon.

Prepare a square shaped card of a size that can cover both heart shapes on it. Use a different colored craft paper for the card than the heart shapes. Add the 2 heart shapes on the card with their bottom ends on the center of the card and facing vertically one another.

Select a balloon of the same color as the heart shapes. Glue the balloon in the middle of the card, covering the bottom ends of both heart shapes. The round closed end of the balloon will be the head and the open end of the balloon will be the trunk of the elephant.

Now simply glue 2 googly eyes on the round closed side (the head of the elephant) of the balloon.

Gather more balloons and craft papers; and get crafty!

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