Henna Bohemian Candles

Henna Bohemian Candles

This DIY Candle making tutorial shows you how to make your own Candle using Henna or Mehndi to create a Bohemian Hippie Candle.

What you need

Taper Candles
Mehndi cone or Henna Cone (Available from Indian Stores)
Clear spray varnish


For this candle tutorial, you will need a light colored candle. We used store-bought tapered candles we had on hand but you could make your own candles or use thick pillar candles.

For this project we used Henna cone which we bought in a cone from a Indian store. You can purchase these cones for around $1 which will be enough to make 10+ candles depending on your design.

The tip to a great henna design is technique. Consider purchasing an extra cone to practice with.

Once you are ready to get started, cut the tip off your cone and begin your design. You can search online for lots of design inspiration.

Once the henna is dried, we coated our candle with a clear varnish to seal it onto the candle. If you made your own candle then you could dip the candle in clear wax to seal it.

Even though our spray varnish candle did not give off any odour when burned when burning your candle make sure you do so in a ventilated area just to be safe.

These would make lovely bohemian gypsy styled gifts.


  1. It is really cool.

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