Heart Light Bulb for Valentine’s Day!

Heart Light Bulb for Valentine’s Day!

Say you light up my life as a gift for your Valentine with this heart inside a light bulb. So easy to make, all you need is a new (or used) light bulb and some craft wire!

What you need

Materials Needed:
1) Round light bulb
2) Craft wire – 16 gauge
3) Craft pliers
4) Hammer and screwdriver
5) Foam board
6) X-acto knife
7) Craft glue
8) Acrylic paint


heartbulb (1)

Step-1: You will need to cut 5 pieces from foam board for the base. Cut out 2 square pieces for the bottom and top part and 4 pieces for the 4 sides. Cut out a round piece from the center of any 1 square piece. The round cutout should be big enough to insert the bulb’s bottom part, but not too big. Glue the sides around the bottom square piece (without hole) one by one and finally glue the top piece to complete the base.

heartbulb (2)

Step-2: I sued acrylic paint to draw polka dot patterns on the base, you can design it as you want. On a small strip of paper right down your message. Make sure to highlight your message, I used red marker to trace a border around the strip and wrote down the message with black marker pen. Simply glue the strip on the base as shown in the picture of this step.

heartbulb (3)

Step-3: take the 16 gauge wire and make a round bend on its end. Create a tight bend adjacent to the first loop, this is the top center part of the heart. Complete the other half of the heart and bring the first loop adjacent to the straight part of the wire. Measure and keep enough straight part as required and then cut off extra wire.

heartbulb (4)

Step-4: Similarly make another heart stand but keep the length different. Cut out a round piece from styrofoam. The round piece should be appropriate to insert into the bulb’s bottom part. Insert the 2 heart stands into the round styrofoam piece.

heartbulb (5)

Step-5: Now we’ll open the bottom part of the light bulb and break out the filament and other pieces. Be very careful during this step. Use a hammer and screwdriver to break the metal. Hold the bulb carefully and hammer the metal piece only. Be careful not to hit the bi=ulb or apply any pressure on the bulb. After hammering a number of times the metal will start to break and then you can easily break it. Break and bring out the filament and other pieces from inside the bulb and clean your craft space immediately.

heartbulb (6)

Step-6: Take the heart stands on the styrofoam and carefully insert them inside the bulb. Push them all the way in and fix the styrofoam piece on the bottom side of the bulb. Now place the bulb on the base, inside the round cutout. Glue the sides. This project might take a while but it’s worth it!

Valentines-day-free craft-ideas-11

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