Headphone Earrings

Headphone Earrings

This recycled jewelry making project shows you how to make your very own pair of earphone earrings.

What you need

earring hoops (2)
craft wire 22g (2)
Chain Nose Pliers


  1. Take your headphones and cut them of the cable
  2. With the needle open a hole at the top. Try to open the hole at the same place to both headphones.
  3. Pass the craft wire through the headphone hole make a loop and twist it twice with your pliers.

  1. Put the earring hoops to the other end of the wire to make a loop and twist it.
  2. Done!


  1. I have so much broken earphone and I don’t know what make with them,now I know! I really like to be unique,good idea!

  2. these are so cute. i LOVE music,so i will definitely try these!

  3. epic =)

  4. WhiteHorse says

    omg wow

  5. My daughter who says she cant make anything has made several of these. It’s a great way to use all her old ear buds and she has a unique gift for her bff love this idea!!!

  6. very cute

  7. These are so cute, especially for people who like being unique. And I’m thinking it could be fun for a teenage girl party, too. You can get really cheap earphones, then maybe get glitter glue, gemstone stickons, etc, and each girl could customize their pair. And that’s less items put in the landfills.

  8. very cool. i luv tht idea! it is very unique! AWESOME!

  9. i am so gonna make these!!! 5 stars!

  10. I really like this project! It was easy and lots of fun. If your really daring try the white Ipod headphones those look cute to.

  11. anointedpromise says

    awesome idea!

  12. This is a great idea i did it alitte different though but still it is a great idea for a use of old headphones,

  13. These are so fun! how awesome!

  14. Those are awesome!

    I’m gonna try making those now!
    Thanks for the idea! 😀

  15. OMG I love music. I made these a few minutes ago and am wearing them now! I love them! They are a little long, but they are SO easy to make! 5 stars! 😀

  16. i agree, total awesomeness! i have about 7 pairs of broken headphones in my junk drawer, and 4 friends who like weird stuff like this.

  17. Complete and total awesomeness. I can’t wait to try this! I have like 5 pairs of broken headphones @.@

  18. dmontpaswilson says

    Great recycling!

  19. mellyrose89 says

    I would definitely make and wear these.

  20. i am in love with music. these are great!

  21. so cute!!!
    im a total music addict!
    i cant wait to make them!

  22. super cute!

  23. ashattackyou says

    soo cute! i just made a pair :] love it!

  24. hmmmm……………!
    I think that it was a good idea .
    It’s new…….!

  25. nice idea but it would never wear them

  26. i love it
    its so cute and good for the earth

  27. It’s a good idea

  28. Who would wear this? Seriously..?

  29. Very creative. While some may not be open to new and different ideas, I thought that these earrings would be great for a teen who loves music or for a concert!

  30. Very Creative,

  31. really great idea!!!!!
    thank you

  32. Yuk!!! Who wants a pair of broken ear pieces just attached to ear hoops for their Birthday, Christmas etc

  33. This looks like a really fun way to recycle old earphones. Can’t wait to try it.

  34. cute!!!!

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