Halloween Skull Tea-light Candles

Halloween Skull Tea-light Candles

This candle making tutorial shows you how to make a set of Halloween candles for a dinner party or table centerpiece.

What you need

Glass Skull Shot Glasses
1 mt of wick
Wax Dye (optional)
Fragrant oil
Double boiler pan for melting wax


For this tutorial you will need to know some basic candle making skills. I will try and cover everything in this post.

You will need to prepare your glasses.

Tie the wick around a stick to hang and anchor it in the mold. We will dip these wicks in wax to stiffen and to make them straight a little later.


Start by melting your wax in a double boiler method.


You can use a dye to color your wax, but as these skulls are actually dark glass it really made no difference.


Dip the wicks into the melted wax, straighten the wick as much as possible and set aside. Do this process 2-3 times, it will help the wick stand in the mold as well as make it burn better later.


This is the blue color melting into the wax.


Allow the wax to cool down for 5 minutes and add your fragrance oil when it is cooled. This prevents the scent from burning off with the heat.


Pour the wax into the shot glasses and slip the wicks into position.

Allow to cool and set before cutting off the excess wicks.

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What do you think of this project? Let us know!