Halloween Ghosts

Halloween Ghosts

Easy to do but very effective - make this ghost for Halloween decorations using cotton balls and bed sheets.

What you need

Cotton Balls Tissue or Stuffing
White Cotton Material like a bed sheet.
White Netting
Bamboo stick or small wooden stick
Black Felt
White Yarn


Cut a one foot square of white cotton material.

Cut a 10 inch square of white netting.

Cut a one foot square of white netting.

Put your stick in some sort of base like florist foam to make working on your ghost easier.

Make about a one inch ball of cotton, tissue or stuffing and place it on top of the stick.

Put the center of the small piece of netting over the ball.

Place the center of the white cotton over the netting.

Put the last piece of netting over the cotton.

Tie the yarn around the base of the ball.

Cut out some small eyes from the felt and glue onto the face of the ghost.

There you have it, a pretty neat looking ghost. You can also use lollipops for the stick and ball of your ghost.

This craft project submitted by Ken and Marilyn at www.RunnerDuck.com 


  1. sounds cute and super easy, would love a pic

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