Halloween Faux Caramel Apple Decoration

Halloween Faux Caramel Apple Decoration

This Halloween craft project shows you how to create a fun fake candy apple decoration. I am sure someone is going to try and take a bite out of this one.

What you need

Fake apple
stem from tree branch
decoupage or modge podge
brown paint
halloween candies
wax paper
candy corn
celphane wrap


You can find most of the materials at a dollar store.

First push in the stem from branch into the fake apple(cut the stick long you can always cut it after). Put aside. Add some decoupage or modge podge in to a separate container add paint to it you want the color to be like a light brown it will dry darker.

Take your apple and dunk it in the mixture just like dunking a real caramel apple let the excess drip off. Over an empty box or something to catch the extra candies sprinkle the candies over the apple.

Put on wax paper let dry. Once dry 12- 24 hours but depending on the weather it will dry pretty fast. Cut cellophane large enough to wrap apple add candy corn in to the middle place apple on top, gather cellophane tie with ribbon.


You can add a card if you like. Candies can be changed up for other holidays or occasions or have some fun and do them in different colors! Hope you have fun making this craft!

By Barbara Galindo


  1. This is so cute! I’m going to make a bunch of them for Halloween!

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