Gypsy Bohemian Boot

Gypsy Bohemian Boot

This Gypsy tutorial shows you how to take an ordinary pair of boots and create a bohemian gypsy style fashion shoe.

What you need

Plain Boots
Craft glue
2-4 necklaces
leather strapping or leather wrap bracelets.
textured cord or wool


This tutorial uses collected pieces to decorate the top of the boot. You will need to choose a color theme to match your boot (mine is blue) and shop around for ideas.

This is what I used.

Boots $9 from Walmart

2x Leather belt bracelet – I bought them off ebay for $1.

2x Scarf necklaces with discs from Walmart sale for $3.

2 x little metal heart charms.

I used wool I already had and some teal edging bought from the craft store.



You could add more or less to your boots, just keep the color consisting and you will need matching pairs of everything you buy.

Start by laying out your design and color combination. I measure and tied most of my ribbons and lace for two reasons: 1. I wanted them to be secure and 2. I wanted them to be chunky. You could use craft glue if you wish to soften the look

. DSC09690

For the necklaces I cut off the ends and hot glued the scarf back together and used the beads to cover the join. You could use a colored scarf instead of a necklace if you like.

I secured all the pieces into position using a line of craft glue at the back. If you wanted to re-use your boot you could tack them in place with a few stitches and allow to simply hang on the shoe.



Here are some more examples of Boho boots.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!