Gratitude Flower Box

Gratitude Flower Box

This fall Thanksgiving tutorial shows you how to make a Fall Flower Shadowbox using a Cricut and SVG files.

What you need

65lb card stock Recollections brand (Spice colours)

The SVG file is on Cricut Access or you can purchase similar here

It’s the Flower Shoppe file #M3CBDF

the shadow box is from Michael’s Gray Belmont Shadow Box By Studio Décor® but

you can use any shadow box

Cream self-adhesive permanent vinyl


This Cricut thanksgiving gratitude tutorial was contributed by Nicki S. Thanks for sharing your project Nicki, We love it!

I used a blue light grip mat and used reverse tweezers to curl the paper. (You can use a paper quiller) I just rolled it super tightly towards me, working slowly, until it was a very tight flower.

(The spiral has a flap on the end and that is the base of the flower. ) Once I have the flower rolled, I drop it on the table to loosen it up. Turn it upside down and use hot glue to keep the layers together.

You can see a video tutorial here –


Flip the bottom flap over the exposed layers. Once I did that I rolled the “petals” back and arranged them to look more lifelike. I just laid them into the shadow box . I did not attach or glue the flowers to the back. They are just squeezed in tightly but you could glue them in place.


  1. Diane Pierce says

    Love it! Pulling the materials together right now in order to make it.

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