Glittery Snowflake Christmas Card

Glittery Snowflake Christmas Card

You can make this glittery snowflake Christmas card using materials you might already have at home. You can use different colored cardstock, glitter powder and snowflake designs for variation.

What you need

Materials you need:
1) Card stock
2) Pencil
3) Craft glue tube
4) Glitter powder.


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Step-1: Prepare your card into any size you want. Draw a simple snowflake pattern on the front side of the card. Place the card on a piece of scrap paper before starting the next step.

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Step-2: Use the craft glue tube (or make your own glue cone using plastic paper) to trace along the snowflake design. Neatly trace out the design. Do not apply too much glue otherwise it will get smudged and ruin the design.

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Step-3: Sprinkle glitter powder on the glued design. Try to cover the whole design evenly and after a minute or two remove the extra glitter powder from the card on the scrap paper by tapping the card vertically against the scrap paper. Pour back the extra glitter powders to the packet. Enjoy!


  1. Like this alot, but wish there were patterns of several snowflakes to try and draw. Some of us not very good at drawing them or need pictures of some to try.

  2. very good article..

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