Glitter Snowflake

Glitter Snowflake

Use paper, glitter, glue and scissors to make a themed snowflake!

What you need



1) Cut the paper with the scissors into any pattern you want
2) Then open it and paint it in any colour you want
3) Then cover it in glue
4) Finally put the glitter on it and Tadda!

You have made yourself a beautiful snowflake!


  1. Sharon Parks says

    This link has multiple poems that could be attached to the snowflake and given as gifts.

  2. Pamelalynn says

    thanx for sharing !! be a awsome evening during the holiday season to do with the kids!! thanx agian

  3. Great Idea I am Cub Leader and this is going to be a Fantastic Craft for us to do on our last night.

  4. I love snowflakes!

  5. lol i love glitter

  6. It was great, loved the snowflake, had fun.

  7. Aside from the bad responses on this, I think it’s a good idea! It could use a little more imagination, sure, but I think it would be a great craft idea for kids and young adults. Nothing to messy or difficult, nice and simple for first timers and kids.

  8. it is a good craft to make in 20 minuites

  9. For the life of me I don’t know what possesses people to be so mean and nasty. Shame on you. I thought your idea was just great! Thanks! LLMcD

  10. I thought it was a nice idea. I don’t know why every single craft i have looked at on this site is inundated with negative comments. So be it – glittery paper, glittery snowflake…..very nice!

  11. ok i would make it is the pic was better!!!

  12. i think this is a great project especially for kids…We are having a christmas decorating party and i love this idea it’s sooooo cute!! great job!

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