Girly Punk Skull Cap

Girly Punk Skull Cap

Make a girly punk skull cap using this simple pattern.

What you need

Size US11 (8mm)needles
Worsted weight yarn( 8ply)
Yarn needle



yo=yarn over
K2tog=knit 2 together

Cast on 74sts.
Row 1:P2,K2,P2, to end, ending with P2

Row 2:K2,P2,K2, to end, ending with K2

Rows 3-6:Repeat rows 1 and 2

Row 7:Knit to across

Row 8:K2*sl2, pass 1st slipped st. over 2nd and off needle,sl1, pass 2nd slipped st. over 3rd. and off needle, slip 3rd st. back onto left hand needle, yo2, knit 3rd sl st; rep from * to last st.,K1

Row 9: K3,*P1,K2;rep form * to end.

Knit for 10″, measuring form beginning to end, in either stockinette stitch or repeat the last two rows. I used stockinette stitch.

NOTE: you must knit in the back of yo stitches.

Decrease Row:K2tog across entire row.

Next Row:Purl across.

Sewing: Cut a 12″ length of yarn off of the skeining, so that its still attached to knitting.

Thread a yarn needle and carefully slip the sts. off needle. Pull tightly then whip st. seam closed.

Tuck in ends and attach a crocheted flower if desired.


  1. knottyknitter says

    I am currently making and think I can help kimberley d. You must treat each yo as a stitch when you do row nine. If you find it easier, you can just knit this row instead of p1k2. If you think of it like making buttonholes (take 2sts off, yo’s make 2 sts) At the end of row eight, you still have your total of 74 sts.
    I hope this will help you as the hat so far looks pretty cute. Will post a picture when I am done.

  2. kimberley_d says

    Help me please, Row 8 problem with, ‘ yo2, knit 3rd sl st’
    I can do that but Row 9 falls apart.
    What am I doing wrong, or what am I not doing to get this to work for me?


  3. Sounds cute… But REALLY NEEDS A PICTURE!!! plz! plz! plz!

  4. i have it its Green =]:

  5. Please oh please put a picture!!!!!!!!!!

  6. uhmm it really needs a picccturee!*

  7. i love things like that… plz plz plz put a picture i wannt to see what it looks like

  8. What a cute patterns i would love to make it. Sounds like it would turn out nicely im just not sure wether or not it would be to punky for what im naking it for. definetely needs a picture although i think i will still make it and see how it turns out

  9. It’s awsome! I tried it and I showed it to all my friends.

  10. very easy to folow

  11. sounds cute but it needs a picture

  12. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    needs pikk !! :[

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