Giant Pet Easter Rabbit

Giant Pet Easter Rabbit

Create this adorable pet Easter bunny using the boo boo bunny method except let's make it GIANT.

What you need

60x60cm or 30 inch by 30inch square of brown or white thick fleece.
1 cotton ball
1 small pom pom for the nose (white,black,pink)
Elastic Band
Ribbon for Bow
Marker pen for eyes (optional)


Use this boo boo bunny pattern.

Follow the diagram below to create your bunny. Roll it diagonally then fold it in half. Fold it over to create the head and ears. Use a rubber band to secure the head.

Finish off with the pom poms and ribbon. He would also look adorable with an Easter egg resting in his tummy.


Let us know how you did!


  1. winnie Guardiani says

    Very Cute, this is how I made boo boo bunnys with wash cloths years ago.

  2. Thank you for sharing this adorable pattern, very cute!

  3. Adorable! I can think of lots of little ones who will love this!

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