Up-cycled Globe – LOVE Art

Up-cycled Globe – LOVE Art

This tutorial shows you how to take an inexpensive globe or an up-cycled globe and turn it into an art piece. Theme it the way you want for your own statement art.

What you need

One Globe
Adhesive letters with your word of choice. We used L.O.V.E
Silver metallic spray paint


For this tutorial you want to make a WORD selection that has meaning. It might not be obvious to everyone else but the word LOVE actually spreads across the two countries my husband and I are from. Little touches like this is what makes it personal and treasured. This globe is actually from a pencil sharpener and cost just $2!

Start by sticking down your letters, You need to make sure all the edges are stuck, rub your finger over the letters again and again.


Make sure you use a good quality spray paint: Metal is hard to fake and a good spray paint goes a long way. Once you have coated your globe with two to three coats allow it to dry.

Peel off the letters one by one being careful not to pull the Map print off from the bottom.

Finish off with a spray of clear varnish if you want a high gloss finish.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!