Ghost Garland

Ghost Garland

This garland is great fun to make and you can make them big like flags or smaller for door garlands or table garlands. We used a grey felt but you could use white felt or even cardboard or craft foam.

What you need

Grey Felt
Black felt
String or ribbon


Start by cutting out a rounded shape as shown below.

Ghost Garland Pattern

Then using some scissors cut in zig zags at the bottom you can even use pinking shears if you have them.

Ghost Garland Pattern Cut

Cut small circles for the eyes or use wobble eyes.

Cut a large oval for the open screaming mouth.

Smaller children could use paints for the face

Glue them onto a ribbon or string for a garland.

All done!


  1. nice

  2. Simple cute idea!

  3. Cute idea! One suggestion to really add individual “personality”…trace the child’s hand leaving out the thumb and rounding at the top. The fingers will serve as the fabric strips at the bottom of your ghost!

  4. Simple, cute, fun…yay!!!

  5. can’t wait to try this one!

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