Get To Know Paper Piecing

Get To Know Paper Piecing

Piecing is one of the latest trends gaining popularity in the scrapbooking world although paper piecing has been around for some time it has only just been recognized as an actual paper craft.

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Paper piecing means to literally piece papers together allowing us to use up off cuts of cardstock or paper.

Paper piecing is generally custom made for each layout by the scrapbooker themselves making it possible to theme pages, match colors and custom make the piecing to fit small or large gaps.

Paper piecing not only allows us to use commercial patterns that are on the market but to create our own patterns from coloring books, rubber stamps, clipart and stickers it may take a little more work to create your own pattern but it saves money on purchasing pattern books.

Although there are many of these great pattern books on the market that are full of easy to follow patterns.

If you are creating your own pattern or copying a pattern from a pattern book be sure to photocopy the pattern and use that photocopy to cut out the design. As using a pattern direct from a book is not only limiting it to a one time use but it is going to make it difficult to re-size the pattern and even follow it if you do not have a guide to go by.

You will need a nice small sharp pair of scissors for curves a pair of curved nail scissors or decoupage scissors are a great investment as it prevents sharp straight edges on your work.

The easiest way to cut out your pattern is to hold the paper in your hand and turn it into the scissors rather than turning the scissors into the paper. If you are a decoupager then you will know this method well.

Make sure you clearly mark each cut out or it will be easy to lose them, I store my cutouts in a small snap lock bag then stick a photocopy of the completed item on the front of the bag so I know what it is without piecing together the puzzle or looking up the book.

Most paper piecings look a little boring and home made without any definition you can create this by drawing in internal lines such as facial features these lines should be visible on your original pattern. You can use any acid free pens to add the detail, or chalk, eyelets or other Scrapbooking embellishments.

It is easier to add this detail once the pieces are glued together rather then trying to work on them as little pieces. You can use any acid free glue to glue the pieces together.

You may wish to piece the pattern together directly onto your layout or background paper but you can also place the paper piecing onto cardstock for use later.


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