Garland Made From Packing Peanuts

Garland Made From Packing Peanuts

You know all those packing peanuts you get with gifts in the mail? Why not use them to make a great family involved decoration for your tree? Here's how!

What you need

Packing peanuts, any shape or color.
String or thread (even fishing line)
Needle or blunt kid safe sewing tool.


Thread needle or safety needle for kids with string, very long.

Begin threading through the packing peanuts as long as you want. We did 3 long strands to make it easier to wrap the tree.

Tie off the end securely and place on tree!

We used white packing peanuts we got in several packages through the mail, they look like snow. Very pretty and eco-friendly.

Children can thread with anything so even if you cut the sharp point off of a regular needle, the edge will still pierce the peanuts, they are super easy!


  1. Such an ideal craft for even the youngest child. And an excellent way to develop dexterity skills. Thanks for sharing.

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