Soda Can Tab Belt

Soda Can Tab Belt

Convert those small pesky little soda can tabs into a belt!

What you need

Soda can tabs (112 makes a 35 inch belt)
1 cm wide Ribbon or cord


Cut the cord into 2 lengths they should be about 10 ft long each. Tie the two cords together about 8 inch in from the ends.

Step 1:
Thread the cords through each hold of one tab.Β Thread on a second tab so it overlaps the 1st tab.
Push the cord back through the holes of the second tab and the holds of the first tab. As shown in the picture below.

Soda Can Tab Belt Steps

Step 2-3:
Turn it over and cross over the cords.Β Thread the cords (now crossed over) through a third tab.
Push the cord back through the holes of the third tab and the holes in the second tab.

Keep using this pattern until you have a belt big enough for your waist and just knot it when you get to the end. Leave enough cord or ribbon to tie the belt and cut off any remaining cord.

The Image for this project was contributed by Chic-Chick


  1. Love it

  2. This sounds awesome! Ill have to try it:) im still a little confused on how it works but ill figure it out thanks!!

  3. this is the best thing in the world me and my sister made one

  4. I made two bracelets, I used silk cord andi used two colors so I made the X’s on both sides. Super easy and cute!

  5. Where can you get the elastic cording or ribbon that you use from. Can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. This is a great idea and would like to make this braclet but can not find supplier.

  6. Love it!!!!!! Thank you! :o)

  7. I used to make bracelets like this.
    This reminded me of that, I’m going to have to start saving tabs again.

  8. love it. going to do it now!!

  9. Awesome!!! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  10. Tried this it turned out really cute and was simple to do. My grand daughter loves it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love it soooo much going to make one every day im so pro.
    Lol teh 1337 haxorz is in da buildingz

  12. good idea. u can make a bracelet the same way

  13. this is soo cool lol i never thought of this in i get to use it as a so excited this project is gonna rock!!

  14. cool idea,

  15. I think soda can tab creations are cool. I’m collecting them, and planning to make a necklace.

  16. love this!!!!!!!!will bake more than 1!!!!

  17. Bought items like this recently on a cruise in Santa Domingo….Beautiful

  18. it is so hard

  19. You can also use an old VHS-video tape. It looks really nice, and then it’ll be 100% recycle. ;3

  20. Thanks for your sharing…I made a pop tab bracelts im gonna make that(:

  21. Ha this was a great idea. I thought just one was kinda thin so I made two and attached them with another piece of ribbon in the same way as I attached the tabs. My step-dad had a few gallons full of these so I had plenty of material. πŸ˜€

  22. Awesome project!!.
    I used plastic canvas cord in purple. My friends use silver and black plastic canvas cords. We didn’t cross the cords in the back and it doesn’t wiggle. We all made belts and
    so we used longer cords so the cords would hang down.

  23. That is so cool! i want one! my sister collects them for no reason so I’m set πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  24. TallButWise says

    This is sooo cool!

  25. cool thanks for the info

  26. this is a awesome project

  27. it was awesome and cute I painted mine

  28. Hello – I’ve been saving pulltabs forever to make some type of bracelet or belt and appreciate your instructions, but wonder why in Step 3 the cords need to be crossed over? Does it keep the tabs from wiggling around? Also, some of my tabs have rough edges or are slightly bent. Do I discard them? Thanks for any answers.

  29. i really want to make this but i don’t drink soda! Darn! πŸ™

  30. I just made a cute little container to start collecting soda tabs =]

  31. this is so awesme!

  32. someone i know collects these, helpful πŸ™‚

  33. whoa… cool

  34. i am actually making a purse just like this!!! i have made a belt and a lot of jewelry with it lol yay!

  35. Sock Monkey says

    You can make bracelets of these too. There in a American Girl Doll book.. I think the belt is a goood idea.. But im 10 and hate soda!!!!

  36. thats alot of soda, but i luv it!

  37. I just vacationed in Cancun, Mexico and a girl was trying to sell these for $10 each! I loved the idea, but didn’t want to spend that kind of money! Thanks for the instructions!

  38. marcrafty says

    Wow! Cool, think I might make myself a bracelet with this pattern

  39. i think this is so cute and creative!

  40. I am so making a Bracelet like this. πŸ˜€

  41. This worked great as a bracelet and I had the crosses in the front also. My daughter loved it. She had 26 can tabs and asked what she could do with them. I looked this up and all the suggestions for a bracelet made me try it. It took a little bit to understand how to do this and the pictures helped immensely.

  42. Fantastic pattern, i can’t wait til i have enough tabs XD

  43. This is a wonderful project. πŸ™‚
    I read some of the comments and I’ve noticed that many people don’t know what kind of cord to use. I used regular yarn and it came out very well, so I think that would be suitable.


  45. Wonderful! I decided to meke mine into a bracelet. I just finished it and love it!

  46. it looks great w/ two different ribbons instead of cord

  47. my friend makes these to raise money for cancer. they’re awsome

  48. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! looks harddd D: makes me feel retarded πŸ™

  49. AWESOME!!!!

  50. what type of string do you use?

  51. on the topic of recyclable crafts, does anyone have any ideas for crafts for earth day?

  52. this project rocks!!!! anyone know where you can exchange about 10,ooo can tabs for $$$$???

  53. yes could you please tell us what type of cord would be more sutable for the project? thanks

  54. Hey, what kinda of cord have you all used for this? I dont know which one to use because there are THOUSANDS of types!!! But overall, this is going be a difficult project but it is (hopefully) going to be awesome!!!!!

  55. I’ve just started working on this belt and it’s awesome! It is really cool if you use two different colors like purple and lime green!

  56. wow cool!! Fashinable and recycleable!

  57. it would be great to see a better, up close picture

  58. I had an idea for a craft project some time ago and started collecting pop tabs, then I forgot all about it until I came across the collection of tabs tonight. Now I can’t remember what I was going to make! So, anyway, this looks better than the clearly-forgettable original idea. Thanks!

  59. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    This is a neat idea. I wana try to sell these and earn sum cash πŸ˜‰

  60. These make great braceletts too. Someone is selling them at my dauter’s High School or a dollar each!

  61. This is a great project. I made one of these belts and it turned out great.

  62. haha i have made nearly eight of these and i just wanted to come back and say this was one of the first places i came for for help when i first got started so …thanks sooo much! you rock!

  63. i am sitting in front of my computer right now making one- finally understanding the cross part! πŸ™‚ great pics they really help

  64. Yes i can Totally see it on a guy!


  66. I used this pattern to make a Klingon Honor Sash by whip-stitching several of the belts together. It looks great!

  67. how do you cross it? great in theory, but it has horrible directions.

  68. Would this be cool for a guy? What’s the best way to finish this, just tie it in the front or get a belt buckle?

  69. This is a good project for kids. I had girls in Vacation Bible School do this project. Keep coming up with new recyling projects.

  70. If you want a wider belt, use pet food can pop-tops. They come in silver & gold. Twilight actress wore bracelet on May 18th OK Mag cover. Fun to make and wear.

  71. 9228
    This is a good project. I work with alot of young girls and they love this project and most important it doesn’t cost alot. Keep the good ideas comming.

  72. this project will be very creative

  73. crafty_01 says

    I’ve seen a few, they’re alright, so far I’ve collected 90 soda can tabs thanks to my bf who drinks lots of pepsi! πŸ™‚

  74. If it takes 112 to make a 35 inch belt than how many would make a 79 inch belt?? But I thought it was really cute:]

  75. Cool, but it would look better if the Xs were facing outward.

  76. Cool. I’d love it as a bracelet with bright green string!

  77. i really liked this. i used this craft idea to make a soda tab headband. everyone loves it!

  78. I’m doing this as part of my quality project at school. I have to say this takes a very long time but I’m loving the product. after 62 tabs and 3 1/2 hours of work, I’ve only gotten not quite 1 1/2 completed. Still going strong though!

  79. it looks werid but ok it could be a great thing to work on.

  80. umm… i never tied a not after i strang the tabs!!

  81. Got ten can tabs done so far. I think the kids will love to make this project. We might shorten it to make a bracelet for time sake. Great Idea.
    If you have leftover tabs you can donate them to the hospital.

  82. It seem hard but looks really cool! In might make it into a bracelet!!

  83. This is cool but how do you criss cross it?

  84. how lucky am i to find this web site like this craft so gonna do it love ya carly

  85. That’s so cool but how do you tie it?

  86. it was ok. i was looking for a bracelet but i guess this can do. :-]

  87. very nice! i’m going to try to make a bag with the same idea!

  88. its a really good idea but wouldnt the can tabs cut u?? cause it looks like they would in that picture.

  89. that is so great im soooo goin 2 makkke ooone…

  90. So COOL dude and its eco friendly.Awesome thing to do when you are bored

  91. so funky!!! it looks simple, but i will hav to drink a lot before i collect 112!

  92. i used this technique but made a bracelet out of it. very creative!

  93. pretty cool dude

  94. I’ve made 65 of this belt. Do you have any suggestion as how you could use a buckel or clip instead of tying with the cord?

  95. this was very easy and lots of fun. The possibilities are endless

  96. omg how is this creative? a monkey could do it!!

  97. this is so cool
    im starting a purse and this was so helpful

  98. this was tough to get started but once I got it going and got the hang of it…it was so easy!!! I made a belt and also did a bracelet…really awesome…and with the chord you can make it any color you want to…..

  99. Thats Really cool!

    Ive been collecting can tabs 4 a year and i never knew what to do with them until now!

  100. Thats Really cool!

  101. i love this i have a bunch of tabs on a chain that i wae as a bracelet so this will go perfect!

  102. I just recently started looking for crafts to make as christmas gifts…When I saw this I knew it was perfect for my neice….I cant wait to get started making it!

  103. i want to buy one

  104. craft_gurl89 says

    I make these in bracelets for my business, candy crafts. this is also a nice idea. you should check out my submissions.

  105. At camp we made these! we made bracelets and belts though! mostly bracelets. They’re SO cool! really easy to make once someone explains it to you…it took a while for me to catch on but after that it is easy! i love them

  106. My teenage daughter LOVES THIS!!! We are planning on making several in different colors to go with her wardrobe. Thanks for the great idea.

  107. SoccerFreak2014 says

    I love it! I can’t wait until I make it! Then, all my friends will want one.. Maybe I should charge them! Hahahaha..

  108. I bet it would cool as a bracelet too.

  109. Tinkerbella says

    i am so doing this!! .. it looks soooo kewl.. the instructions look abit confuzing but i think i can do it!! πŸ™‚

  110. It’s REALLY good, but I don’t have a lot of time to go collect 112 soda can tabs. Can we use any other materials?

  111. my mom showed me this site,this is the only thing that really impressed me enough, it Looks good and thats cool which is always important to me and my girlfriends!-
    age 16,L.I.,NY

  112. id say i liked the
    way it was made it was good

  113. these are cool!!!!! we learned how to make them at a camp…but i completly forgot how to!!!!! haha….that’s why im googling it again!!!! lol

  114. OMG i soo wanna make one!!

  115. Really super duper awesome. I love it although it looks a bit complicated.

  116. Plain and simple to follow instructions. I liked a lot.

  117. i’ve been saving pop tabs for ages.i think this is a pretty good direction thing for looks better then the last one i saw. and i have an aunt whos making a purse with her tabs.


  118. its confusing… i dont get it… a video would be nice.

  119. I’ve been collecting tabs to do something with them. This is a great idea!

  120. i made this belt and all my friends complemented me on it

  121. my grandma makes these. it’s her hobby. i think it’s awesome! especially for an 84 year old to do instead of knitting and such. she not only makes belts but also baskets, curtains, borders, etc. it’s amazing. =]]

  122. kobisgal says

    sweet!!!!!!!!! it will be a nice addition to my trash treasures collection!

  123. this belt is like so cool cuz i woer it to school and all the girls in my class wanted me to make them 1

  124. i making a bracelet using this technique

  125. I love these belts!!! chokers are cool too!!

  126. I made one of these all by myself before i even knew about this website, yalls instructions are confusing…but i love making these belts!!! oh yea and chokers….

  127. I only need 13 more! Yay!!

  128. so kool!!!

  129. a bracelet would be cuter.

  130. wow!

  131. well thats gettooooo

  132. i love this idea! im so going to make it.

  133. You know this actually works πŸ™‚

  134. cute ima make mine now

  135. cottoncandy2281 says

    can you say ooo lala??? next thing you know this will be on the runway!!! cute!!!

  136. My sister will adore it, she collects different kinds of belts

  137. In hawaii we use these as lei’s also:)

  138. I learned how to do this at summer camp and then forgot. I am SO happy that I found this because not only did I need to finish mine, but now all of my friends want me to make them too!

  139. I saw this being done at a craft fair this weekend and the belts are precious. I cannot wait to start making them. they will make great gifts for kids and teenagers.

  140. i havent made it yet it just looks so cool im going to go out and make it lol

  141. I love it. Now I just have to look for enough tabs and time to do it.

  142. so glamorous

  143. I love this project…. Very cool

  144. that is so COOL. Its actualy somthing on this website thats hot.

  145. i love this craft it’s amazing!!!!!!!

  146. that is a great project!

  147. LOVE IT! It’s so creative and stylish! I can’t wait to see my friend’s face!!!

  148. showing a picture was very helpful in learning how to do the belt myself

  149. I always tried to make them, and couldnΒ΄t, this tutorial is very practical!

  150. its pretty good

  151. good for kids for summer things to do.

  152. this is very creative

  153. Nice idea. I saw one made with safety oins and pop can tabs. they’re neat.

  154. i learned a different way, but they’re all cool! my friends love them!

  155. lol my mom makes this and im trying to find something eles to make with them

  156. that is so cool! i really want to if you can make a purse/ bag with them too! i want to make one!

  157. I think this is a very good craft project for young teen girls.Very fashionable!

  158. i plan on making this as soon as i have saved enough tabs. (i’m almost there!) ; )

  159. it is not explained well and isn’t very cute.

  160. It looks cool and I’d do it, but that’s a lot of tabs and I don’t understand step 3!

  161. this is an awesome craft it is a good reason to drink soda and the belt is realy stylish! a very nice way to recycle!

  162. Teens love this one, easy to make for gift giving, unique and fun to wear

  163. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    omg i love this!!! i cant wait to make it!! i collect soda tabs to recyce into wheelchair frames….im sure i can spare 112..i have over 250 now…i havent counted 4 a while…and no i dont have any zits..:] lol love this very original…cant wait to make

  164. VERY cute!

  165. Does anyone know where I can get good directions for soda tab earrings??

  166. I am nearly 50, and I made many of these back in the early 70’s. Not only belts, but necklaces, bracelets, key chains, decorations for candles. It’s amazing what you can do with simple can tabs….use your imagination

  167. It looks so cool from far away

  168. Good for recycling and clear instructions. Neat idea!

  169. Somebody said “Very interesting… How do we get the tabs?”

    Drink lots of sodas quick and take all the things or Ask people for them that may keep soda cans. !!!

  170. Very interesting… How do we get the tabs?

  171. I made one of these belts and I wear it every single day πŸ™‚

  172. What a great way to recycle…thanks for the free craft project.

  173. i’ll have to drink loads of cans of coke be4 i can make one!

  174. I made a choker vesion of this before I saw it as a belt, get lots of comments when wearing it.

  175. picture does wonders

  176. cool!!!!

  177. It was awsome, and it looks great.

  178. very very creative! i love it♥! i have another idea thow…do it with shoe laces!

    M ☺

  179. My 8 yr old daughter and I have great fun making these belts for her. Once you get going, it goes quick. I did 30 inch belt in about 1 hour (while watching TV).

  180. just great !!!

  181. I did this a long time ago before I even saw this… these directions are wack…

  182. sounds great! But it needs a picture- it’ll make it easier!

  183. pretty cool

  184. this is so cute, i’m making my sister-in-law one (among many other accessories on this site) for her birthday. thank you!

  185. i love it but i need better pics and explainations to try it, can’t see that pic good enough to get it started πŸ™

  186. gramma judy says

    A photo of how to do this would have been real helpful. I still am not to sure how this is done. It looks like it would be real cute.

  187. kwel….need better description + more pics

  188. it’s good and everything, and i might have done it, but i need to know what the finished product looks like before i spend a lot of time doing it. :]

  189. jellybean-jar says

    thats cool but it needs more pictures explaining

  190. i think that is hott! lol. i love it and i think it is very creative!!

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